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Tours around the fjords

Take a tour with us and we will show you all the best spots in the Aurland / Flåm region.
We know the best photo stops and all the nice to know details of the surrounding. Stegastein, Borgund stave church and Gudvangen are 3 of our best booked trips.

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Shuttlebuss til Aurlandsdalen

Shuttlebuss til Aurlandsdalen Aurlandsdalen ligger sentralt mellom Oslo og Bergen, og er lett tilgjengelig med offentlig transport. Med bussen reiser du enkelt fra Flåm, Aurland eller Vassbygdi til Østerbø og Geiteryggen, som er gode utgangspunkt for en spektakulær vandring i Aurlandsdalen. Shuttlebussen er satt opp som en ekstrarute for å øke servicen til de som [...]

Flamdalen ,transport from the Flam zippline end station , half hour trip.

A fairly new attractions in the region is the Flåm zippline. The start is besides the next highest Flåm railway station (Vatnahalsen) and only accessible by train.

Gudvangen Kai, Viking village, Stalheim 2 hours roundtrip

The trip to Gudvangen is about half an hour and is often combined as a begin or stop withe the ferry trip in the Nærøyfjord and a visit to The Viking village.

Stegastein , Borgund stavechurch via the snowroad 5 hours roundtrip

This trip will take you from Flåm railway station along the fjord and the climb on to Stegastein over the mountains to the most famous Stave church of the region.

Stegastein 1,5 hour roundtrip.

The famous trip to Stegastein is a best seller. Thousands of people take the tour with us to this amazing view.

Aurlandsdalen drop off and pick up.

On a regularly base we shuttle mellom Flåm, Aurland, Vassbygdi and Østerbø , the beginning of the Aurlandsdalen.

Hiking transport to and from starting points.

Hiking transport offers you easy acces to all the walking trail heads and stops in the region.

Lokal Taxi

Lokal taxi is located in Aurland. Our company has 2 divisions. We offer regulated transport in and around Aurland.
Also offer we transport to all the hospitals in the surrounding (Lærdal, Førde, Haukeland). In the summer season offer we sightseeing trips to all the major attractions in the region, for example to Stegastein, Borgund stave church.

Car rental

Rent a car and explore Stegastein, Borgund and the other best sight seeing trips by yourself.
We offer suitable family cars for your trip. All included with insurance, gas, and som tips and tricks for along the way.